The school believes in developing the following aspects of a student’s personality:

Academic achievement:

Well-qualified and dedicated faculty provides the individual attention needed for progress. The school atmosphere of a second home is conducive to learning. These efforts have been duly rewarded through success in the public examinations as well as higher education of the students.

Emotional Intelligence:

The motto of the school is “TAMASOMA JYOTIRGAMAYA”. Give and take, teamwork and peaceful coexistence are inculcated in the students through practice and observance. A positive approach to all matters, a transparent school system, the right degree of freedom and enriched memories mould the students into well-balanced adults.

Sports Activities:

The time spent on the sports field is considered precious and never sacrificed in favour of academics. Students are taken to the common playground for various outdoor games. Students are also engaged in indoor games like chess, carom, table tennis etc.

Extra-curricular activities:

Extra-curricular activities like JRC, RSP, Karate, Yoga, Dance and Music are incorporated in the curriculum. It provides recreation and students identify their ability.

Co-curricular activities:

Intramural is held on Saturdays. It develops healthy competition through the house system. It provides exposure, scope for self-expression and helps them keep pace with the demands of present day education while equipping for tomorrow.

Inter school competitions:

Students who participated in Recitation & Oratorical competitions were awarded with cash prize. Students took part in Dance competition and won the I Prize in Bihu Dance.

Value based life:

Devotional and patriotic songs, group chanting accompanied by discourse on occasions inculcate spiritual values. Values are nurtured through practice. Helping the less fortunate, observance of strict discipline, courtesy towards all and politeness are the virtues practiced. Face to face discussions on various issues is held.


The school organises field trips to Madhavaram, Birla Planetarium, harbour, Anna University etc to help students form concept maps. Apart from these, protected tours to various parts of India are also organised to develop the outlook of a student.

Educational exhibition:

Educational exhibition is organized in which students prepare models with the guidance of teachers on topics from intensive and extensive study. They learn from first hand experience.