A air-conditioned, full fledged computer laboratory with no lessthan 22 systems, upgraded to the latest syllabus, meets the needs of the Students, providing hands-on experience to every student.

The School has an ever-growing library which races to keep pace with the evergrowing appetites of students. Students are encouraged to cultivate the reading habit and spend quality time in the school library.

Technological advancement has been harnessed to provide unique learning experience through CD

Well equipped laboratories cater to the requirements, providing ample scope for Learning Through Doing. Separate Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Dress designing and Home Science laboratories meet the demands of the growing institution. Infrastructure is steadily upgraded to stay on par with the syllabus.

Parents can discuss the progress of their wards and offer valuable suggestions for the growth of the institution, on working days, during school hours, after seeking an appointment through the school office.

Parents can meet the teachers on working days after 3-30 p.m. after prior intimation.

The newly evolving girl child is equipped with education and supported by law. Is she aware of her strength? Does she know when and how to use it? Is society prepared to accommodate her newly evolved stature? A first step to fill this lacuna was a programme for the Empowerment of girls and counselling of parents. It highlighted the need for effective communication between parents and daughters in the formative years. It was organized by the RAJAT and BJS. Eighty girls of our school participated and benefitted by it.

We decided to rejuvenate ourselves to meet the demands of the changing education scenario. The English language teachers of the school joined hands to refresh their language teaching skills. All the teachers demonstrated and also gained from experienced teachers’ skills. New teachers also requested senior ones to demonstrate some challenging topics. During the demonstration all shared their experiences related to it and also added more effective approaches. It touched the right chords. Everybody gained. The members of the school management who attended a part of the session were also impressed and advised that such sessions should be conducted frequently. Similar sessions are in the pipeline for Maths, Science and all other subjects too.

UV Plant has been installed in the school premises to provide potable drinking water to all the students and teachers .

Smart class was inaugurated on 23rd September 2014 by our General secretary Shri.K.G.Baheti. In smart class , the audio –visual senses of the students are targeted and it helps the students store the information fast and more effectively. Moreover ,this kind of education in class promotes more interaction between teacher and student with more participation from both sides.

Every year students who are in need of scholarship were identified and they are provided cost free education.

Programs on relaxationis conducted for the students of Std X and XII to help the students develop their inner self and to change themselves to be successful and bold. Yoga sessions for the students of VI to X are also conducted to guide on strengthening muscles; breathing techniques to improve immunity.

We conduct career guidance& personality development sessions for the students of Std VI to IX. These sessions are very motivational and a great guide to achieve success in their future career.

To create awareness on sharing and giving among the students, every year we give clothes, stationery items, sweets etc., to an orphanage nearby our school and they even interact with them.

Keyboard and Chess classesare taken for our students. We are not charging separately for these classes which help the students to excel them in extracurricular activities apart from academics.

Table Tennis classes also undertaken for the students twice a week to improvehand-eye coordination and it stimulates mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy.

Creating awareness about the school to the newly admitted students’ parents through power point presentation based on amenities and facilities available.

Newly elected SPL, ASPL, Sports Captain and Assistant, Cultural Secretary and Assistant and Captains and Vice Captains of Chera, Chola, Pandya and Pallava House received their badges and vowed that they will do their best for their upliftment of the school.